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Why should you join our professional development community?

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The Framework

If we want literature to be a transformative experience for our studentswhere they no longer see themselves, others, or the world around them in quite the same waywe need to structure and sequence our units strategically to achieve that goal.

Our curricular framework contains 15 essential elements that push students to read more closely, write more clearly, and think more deeply about the text and its potential significance in their lives.

Whether you are a veteran teacher or a novice, our framework provides a consistent focus for our units to ensure that students are not only engaged with the text, but also prepared for the rigor and challenge of college-level coursework.

Curriculum Guides

Our comprehensive curriculum guides are PDF digital downloads that include detailed descriptions of every activity, assignment, and assessment that we use in our academic enrichment classes at Literary Focus.

Each curriculum guide contains the 15 essential elements of the Framework that we use to ensure our units maintain a clear, consistent focus where every assignment leads seamlessly into the next from beginning to end.

By purchasing one of our curriculum guides, you not only save yourself hours of work, but you also help us fund tuition-free scholarships for students in need or from underrepresented communities to attend our enrichment classes.

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Work Desk


We publish a seasonal newsletter that addresses a curricular design element, instructional strategy, or educational issue that is meant to provoke thought and generate discussion.

We encourage teachers to join the conversation by adding their own ideas and suggestions in the comments section to help us all become more thoughtful and effective teachers of English.


The goal of our newsletters is to create an ever-expanding resource where we can collectively learn from one another's experience in our pursuit of best practices in the profession.


For those who would like to participate in a live online discussion based on the ideas presented in our seasonal newsletter, we invite teachers to join a Zoom roundtable at 7 p.m. MT on the final Wednesday of the month we publish the newsletter.

Depending on the number of teachers who register, we will utilize breakout rooms to limit conversations to 12 people to ensure that all have a chance to share their thoughts and ideas with others. 


Our goal is to bring together a diverse group of teachers from a wide variety of educational settings so that we can collectively learn from each person's unique experience in the classroom.

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If you are excited about the mission and vision of Literary Focus and would like to work with a diverse group of motivated students and dedicated teachers from around the country, we encourage you to join our teaching faculty. 


We have a formal induction program to ensure that new teachers are comfortable teaching the Framework before they lead a class on their own and begin mentoring others. 


Teaching at Literary Focus is a collaborative experience where we get a chance to share ideas with colleagues as we strive to become more effective practitioners in the teaching of English. 

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