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We want every student who has a desire to take one of our academic enrichment classes to have that opportunity—regardless of that student's financial situation.  Your generous contribution helps make that possible.


We appreciate any one-time donations that individuals, corporations, or foundations can make to support our mission.  Every contribution—no matter how small—helps provide scholarships for students in financial need or from underrepresented communities to attend our academic enrichment classes. 
Studying at Home


Our patrons are those individuals, corporations, or foundations who commit to supporting our mission on an annual basis.  Knowing that we can count on your donations every year helps to stabilize our budget and enables us to plan future outreach and expansion efforts into new communities around the country.  
Book and Coffee at Home


Our sponsors provide recurring monthly scholarships at the following three levels:
Bronze:  Provides 1 scholarship each month
Silver:     Provides 5 scholarships each month
Gold:       Provides 10 scholarships each month
In addition to names and company logos being prominently displayed on our site's homepage, our sponsors will also receive a personal thank-you note from each scholarship recipient every month.
Studying in the Library
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