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If you are excited about our mission and would like to work with a diverse group of motivated students from around the country as part of our academic enrichment program, we encourage you to join the teaching faculty at Literary Focus.

The Induction Process

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Step 1:  Observe

The first step in our induction process is for the applicant to observe a veteran teacher implementing the Framework in one of our academic enrichment classes.

After each session the observing teacher will get an opportunity to debrief with the veteran teacher.  The observing teacher will also attend writing conferences to become familiar with the process of providing effective feedback on essays.

While the next two steps of the induction process are paid positions, the first step is volunteer only since the veteran teacher is still responsible for teaching the entirety of the course.

Step 2:  Co-Teach

After observing a veteran teacher conduct one of our four-week classes, the applicant will then have an opportunity to co-teach with a mentor.

Both teachers will plan lessons together and debrief after each session.  Both teachers will also attend the individual writing conferences to provide feedback on student essays.

While the veteran teacher will receive most of the proceeds for teaching the course, the applicant will receive a small percentage to compensate for their time and effort.
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Online Meeting

Step 3:  Teach

The final step in the induction process is for applicants to teach a course independently while being observed by a mentor teacher.

After each class the mentor will provide feedback on the lesson.  The mentor will also observe individual writing conferences and share insights on the effectiveness of the feedback afterwards.

Applicants will receive most of the proceeds from teaching the course, but the mentor teacher will receive a small percentage to compensate for their time and effort.

Once applicants complete the induction process,
they teach independently and begin mentoring others. 

Please apply to get started!

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